Cabin Counselor/ Activity Leader

Salary Range: $1,300-$2,500. With LGT &/or WSI, add $100-$300.

Requirements: (College age & +)

Directly responsible to: Unit Leaders, Program Directors, and Camp Director

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Live with group of campers and help each camper adjust and grow in relation to other campers and camp life, and monitor daily care and hygiene of cabin group and living space.
  • Communicate effectively with children and staff in all areas of the camp operation. To write lesson plans for activities, evaluations, reports, and requisitions as necessary.
  • Work cooperatively as necessary with all other staff members in planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program.
  • Interpret rules, regulations, and expectations of the camp, with special emphasis on safety, health and mutual respect.
  • Guide each individual camper in participation in their group and all camp activities. Assist campers in choosing and scheduling his/her “choice” activities.
  • Lead/teach activities appropriate to each particular group in specific program areas, such as swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor living, sports and games, etc., based on camper skills and program needs. Prepare activity plans for activities to be led.
  • Assist with all camp program activities and other camp-wide activities as assigned.
  • Act as host at tables during meals and assist with transition activities before meals.
  • Lead cabin group in a devotional/calming time at bedtime daily.
  • Attend staff meetings regularly and relay information to other staff not present. Contribute as necessary.
  • Set an overall good example for all: other staff, CIT’S, and campers.
  • Assist with kitchen, housekeeping, and assorted maintenance work as assigned.
  • Prepare written evaluation at the end of the summer following the guidelines provided by the Director.