Department Heads

Salary Range: An additional $250-$750 in addition to your counselor salary.

Directly responsible to: Camp Director and Program Directors

Department Heads are responsible for initiating and implementing a program within a particular area. (Sports and Games, Arts & Crafts, Camp Craft, Performing Arts, TYCS, and Waterfront Director)

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Create a meaningful program within the general goals of the camp for their particular department. An outline for this program should be submitted to Camp by POOP Week.
  • Effectively train a staff to carry out this program.
  • Consult with the Camp Director on matters concerning the department (i.e. staff, facilities, program, and purchases).
  • Support Program Director in the implementation of ACA programs.
  • Insuring that proper care is used concerning the department facilities and equipment.
  • Participate in a two minute orientation program to introduce campers to your department’s activity period program on Sundays.
  • Consult with the Director in ordering supplies before the season begins.
  • When supplies are received: Inventory against packing slip and give to Director immediately.
  • Prepare a written evaluation of department at the end of the season which includes an inventory and suggestions for future purchases.
  • Personally teach some classes each week — as a role model for counselors and as a means of maintaining contact with campers.
  • Enforce rules, policies, and values of Bishopswood.
  • Work with CIT trainers to provide supervision and evaluation of CITs assigned to work in their department.
  • Conduct a performance review conference with each counselor at least twice during the summer.
  • Plan and announce free time activities every day.
  • Ring the bell.
  • Keep department very clean.


In the absence of the Camp Director, will represent the Director’s interpretation of policy in making decisions during these intervals.