Program Directors – three positions available, one in charge of activity areas, one in charge of units, one in charge of CIT’s.

Directly responsible to: Camp Director. The Program Directors are directly responsible for all camp events (planning and implementing), program schedules, and any other chores which affect the program of the total camp. The Program Directors are responsible for assuring that the camp philosophy is being implemented in all instances. The Program Directors will also make certain that all camp policies and procedures are maintained.

Salary Range: $3,000 – $4,500

General Camp Responsibilities:

  • Have daily contact with Unit Leaders & Department Heads to check on progress.
  • Meet individually with Unit Leaders & Department Heads for two conferences throughout the summer for evaluation purposes.
  • Hold weekly meetings with Unit Leaders & Department Heads to discuss past and upcoming weeks.
  • Provides schedules for daily activities.
  • See that a reverent grace is led and appropriate announcements are made at meal times.
  • Get to know all campers.
  • Lead ACGN when appropriate.
  • Communicate with parents when appropriate.
  • Office duty.
  • Responsible for positive experience of all campers and counselors in their unit while at Bishopswood.
  • Will be called upon for driving assignments for hospital, doctor visits, and shopping for camp supplies.
  • Will be especially helpful by performing many of the behind-the-scenes tasks necessary to provide support for the program, i.e. working schedules for staff assignments, schedules, weekend activities, themes of the week and ACA programs.
  • Accept other duties as assigned.