Health Forms


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Your child’s HF needs to be complete and requires a physical exam by a licensed physician within 24 months as well as a health history report within 6 months of the date your child attends camp and signed by parent or guardian. The complete form with immunization history is mandatory for attendance.

[alert type=”warning” close=”false”] Bishopswood must receive the completed HF at least 4 weeks prior to the date your child will arrive at camp. We cannot legally accept your child without this completed Health Form.[/alert]


Our nurse needs to review each HF for content and completeness. During Camper Check-In, the nurse will clarify any questions and note any changes that parents report. If changes are from the doctor, please bring with you a physician’s written, signed, and dated note detailing the changes or current instructions.

What if?

If the HF must be brought with you on the day of arrival, please plan to wait until other campers have checked in and the nurse is available to review your child’s form. It is time consuming to responsibly review a child’s HF. Therefore you will be asked to move to the rear of the line until other campers are registered.

Reminder – Keep a Copy

KEEP A PHOTOCOPY for your records and to refer to in the future. Bishopswood can not return health forms to parents. Prior season’s health forms are not available at registration. You may wish to scan a copy onto your computer for your own records.

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Information for Parents Regarding Health and Medical Care

General Health Care Policies Please read carefully

If you have any questions about these policies or would like to discuss health care concerns before your arrival at Bishopswood, please call the Camp Nurse or the Director. Thanks for your help with this important aspect of camper care.

  • Pre-camp: 207-772-1953 X 127
  • After June 15th at Camp: 207-763-3148

The Bishopswood staff wants your camper to have a healthy and happy experience at camp! Our emphasis is on wellness and safety and the vast majority of campers never need to go see the camp nurse during the course of their stay! However, should the need arise.

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The Camp Nurse

Our nurse (and Health Care Manager) is on the camp staff to oversee matters of health and safety and handle all routine medical matters.

Physician & Hospital

If it is determined that a camper should be seen by a physician, they are taken to Hope Health in Camden. Our local hospital is The Pen Bay Medical Center, about 13 miles away in Rockland.

Medical Treatment Protocols

(MTP) are general instructions to the Camp medical staff, issued by our camp physician that pertain to a host of potential injuries and illnesses that may occur and allow /direct our nurse to administer specific medications and treatments, provide first aid care, evaluate and treat an illness, and determine when addition medical intervention is necessary.

Medications and Treatments at Bishopswood

At Bishopswood we take medications very seriously, but with a matter of fact attitude. There is no stigma attached to or production made of the administration of medications. That said, we are required to follow strict protocols. As parents it is important that you are properly prepared with any medications that are brought to camp.

Campers take medication for a variety of reasons while at camp. Generally, medications and treatments are kept locked in the Health Hut when not being administered. All medications, by law, must be presented to the nurse at check-in.

Prescription Medications

Any and all prescription medications brought to camp MUST be in the original container from the pharmacy, with labeling dated within the last 12 months, which details exactly how it is to be administered. (Inhalers, creams, eye drops and nasal sprays must come with the box they came in if that is where the prescription label is located.) Any changes from said labeling must be in writing from the physician and dated within the last 12 months. Sample packaging of prescription medications will not be accepted.

Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments (OTC’s)

Note: The MTP’s do allow for the administration of over-the-counter medications and treatments according to package instructions only and for indications determined by our camp physician. They are not all-inclusive.

(OTC medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, decongestant, antihistamine, antibiotic and anti-itch creams/ointments as well as a number of other common treatments named in our MTP are stock items at camp. You need not bring such medication with you unless your child will be using it in large quantity.)

All OTC’s (including but not limited to: pills, creams, inhalers, vitamins, sprays, drops, supplements) must be brought to camp in original packaging with a doctor’s written order, (usually a PRN order), dated within the last 12 months.

Vitamins and dietary supplements cannot be given without a doctor’s written order dated within the last 12 months.

Emergency Medication

Under certain circumstances, parents may opt for their camper to carry certain prescribed emergency medications, such as an EpiPen or asthma rescue inhaler on their person. (Please see our Emergency Medication Policy & Permission Form to read more about this.) Upon arrival at camp, the nurse must evaluate your camper’s ability to be responsible for the medication 24/7, and to self-administer these medications appropriately. Every camper who comes to camp with a rescue inhaler or EpiPen, and his/her parent /guardian must read the aforementioned policy and sign the form indicating their choice, even if the decision is made not to self-carry.

Parents of children with asthma are requested to fill out an additional information form (see link above.)

NOTE: To speed up your check-in process, you may want to print out these forms, read and discuss them with your camper ahead of time, and bring them with you!