Coronavirus Updates

We will be updating this page as information is released by the State of Maine Governor’s Office. Please check back.

6/07/2021- Bishopswood Covid 19 v3  Here are our updated guidelines based on the changes the CDC made recently.  I imagine these are our final Guidelines.

4/14/2021- Normally Bishopswood has a “session break” between weeks 4 and 5 where all campers must go home. This is not the case this year as due to wanting to minimize Covid-19 exposure risks, we will not be having weekend visitors or trips home.

3/26/2021-  Yesterday, the State of Maine released guidelines about summer camps for the 2021 season. We are excited to announce that they will allow camp to be safe, manageable, and fun! There is a lot of information to unpack and lots of it is going to change between now and July. We will communicate with you regarding these updates via posts on our website. You will be able to find the most current information there!

Here’s what we were really hoping for: we are allowed to have single-week sessions! That means that all registrations for any combination of youth camp weeks or sessions will remain the same.

There is also good news for out-of-state and international campers. Instead of the previous, stricter regulations, you have to adhere to the requirements of the Keep Maine Healthy. If you are traveling from a state that is not exempt, you need to arrive with a negative PCR (nasal swab) test three days prior to leaving as well as have a strict quarantine at home before traveling. International restrictions are similar with the test before leaving, a week-long quarantine within the state of Maine, and then another negative PCR test within 3-5 days of arrival.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news as well. To best follow the spirit of the guidelines, and to keep our whole community as safe as we can, we have to consolidate MiniCamp III and IV into MiniCamp I and II. We will send a separate follow-up email to families who have campers enrolled in those sessions so that we can work through this.

There are some things we don’t have answers for yet, but we are working with our camp doctor to come up with a more specific testing plan for campers. While this will likely change as more information comes out, if camp were to open today we would require a negative Covid-19 test ideally 72 hours prior to arrival of both campers and staff. Luckily, this can be either a PCR or antigen test (which is cheaper and spit-based). We are also working with the camp doctor on doing tests upon arrival to camp.

There is much more information that we are gradually yet deliberately working through. Again, we will share with you as we know more. We are afraid that if we share a complete plan, things will change and it will cause confusion. As the Bishopswood community, we are going to have to be flexible, calm, and work together to get through this and have a great summer.